Friday, December 25, 2009

Baby's First Christmas

My little Christmas angel,
Mommy loves you! I know you aren't here with us.. but Daddy and I wanted to give you some things for Christmas. Remember sweet angel, we don't know what it's like where you are. You can teach us all about it some day. What a special girl you are, to teach your Mommy and Daddy. Where you are, you must have all the presents you want! I hope so my princess. But we still wanted you to have some presents here too. Mommy bought you a Christmas blanket, a bib that looks like a present, a police car, an angel doll, a pink phone that plays music, and a sweet red sleeper that says "baby's first Christmas." The white sleeper is from Mommy's friend (the same one that gave you your duckie costume for Halloween!). Your friend Lauren wore it for Christmas last year! Gram sent a very special pink puppy that you can name a star with! She also sent you your puzzle bench that all the cousins get after they are born! But my very favorite present for my baby girl is this doll named Joy. She has dark hair and blue eyes, just like you, my beautiful gorgeous baby girl. And her name is Joy just like your middle name! She's going to sit in your crib next to your new elephant there too. He plays "rock a bye baby" when you pull his tail! I hope you have all these things to play with where you are. And I hope someday your little baby sister and brother can play with your things.. and Mommy will think of you! I think of you ALWAYS, Kathlyn. You are still my baby!

Love you forever,

*for those reading Katie's letters, click to see the full photos, as the too-thin blogging area doesn't show the whole thing. Katie-baby, I hope you can see everything from where you are, sweet angel! Kisses for you...

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