Tuesday, March 30, 2010

8 months

Hi Baby Girl!
Mommy loves you! 8 months... I can't believe I've been missing you for 8 months... it feels like much longer, but I know if you were here with me like it should be, it would have felt like it went very fast and that you were growing into a sweet little toddler with pigtails and teeth instead of my little baby girl. Are you still a newborn, Kathlyn, or are you really 8 months old now? Mommy misses you so much, and I wish I understood what it was like where you are, or what it would be like if you were here.

Thank you Princess for sending me that pink paci when I was in Charleston with Daddy! You knew that Mommy should write your name in the sand that night on vacation; you just knew I should write your name right then, just one minute before I was going to see the pink paci. Just like I did before in October when you sent me that purple paci after I wrote your name with Deputy. You are so sweet to Mommy... you know just what I like to see... anything pink, beautiful, or baby... just like you! The most beautiful baby there ever was. I put a little K by the paci for the picture. Just for you!

I miss you so much Katie-cat. I wish you were here. Easter is coming, and then my birthday, and I wanted you to make a mess with icing and help me blow out my candles. I love you Angel... kisses to the sky for you always.

Love you forever,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink Cherry Cupcakes for Kathlyn and Ella

Hi baby girl!

Make sure you give baby Ella a birthday kiss today.. and I hope you have some nice yummy pink cupcakes with a cherry on top! You are Mommy's little cherry on top.. and so is your sweet little baby sibling that's in Mommy's belly. Mommy's little cherry babies! I miss you so much Kathlyn.. I wish you were here with me, making me even more tired than I already am. You are so worth being tired for! Missing you more often than every second. You are still my baby. Sleep tight and wait for me.

Love you forever,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"When violet eyes get brighter, and heavy wings grow wider, I'll taste the sky and feel alive again.. I'll look at the world that I knew, I swear I won't forget you, oh if my voice could reach back through the past, I'd whisper in your ear, oh darling I wish you were here."

Mommy loves you so much, precious girl. You are my angel baby forever... such a beautiful girl, the most beautiful thing Mommy and Daddy have ever seen. You will always, always, always be our firstborn, always part of this family. We so badly wish you were here with us. We will always save a spot for you at the table, celebrate your birthdays, say your name, and cry for you. You are still our baby.

Love you forever,