Monday, February 28, 2011

19 months

Hi sweetie,
Mommy loves you! I remember telling you last year how there's no 30th in February. So there's not an exact special day for me to write to you, except just on the last day of the month. But I bet where you are, you already know more than Mommy! So you already understand about all the days and months of the year. I miss you so much baby. I wish I was the one who got to teach you all those things. Please send Mommy something pink so I know you are safe. I love you! You are still my baby.

Love you forever,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My beautiful baby girl,
Mommy loves you! I miss you so so so so so much! You know Mommy has been so very busy with your new baby sister, Glory Joy! Her middle name is after you! She looks a little bit like you, but not exactly. When I look at her with a hat on, she reminds me of you. You have similar eyes and mouth and nose. We think you look more like Daddy and Glory looks more like Mommy.. you are both the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! The most beautiful babies in the history of the world and of heaven and earth! I miss you more than ever, Kathlyn. I didn't know I could miss you more, but I do. I miss you as a newborn like your sister. I wish we had a chance to nurse together and wear all your cute clothes and go for walks and that you and Daddy could get to know each other. You are my first baby, yet I didn't get to learn how to do anything with you. I am so sorry baby girl. Mommy tries to remember that you are safe and happy and warm and loved where you are.. you have everything you need, more than Mommy could ever imagine. But it is so hard for me here without you. Remember baby, I don't understand what it's like where you are. I pray all the time that you are ok and not missing out on anything... only Mommy is. And that makes Mommy very sad. But I can still love you with all my heart! And my biggest hope is that you can still feel that love. You are still my baby! Kisses to the sky for you, princess. I love you!

Miss you millions,