Tuesday, November 30, 2010

16 months

My little joy,
Mommy is so sorry I've gone a whole month without writing! It doesn't matter though, you know I think of you every minute.. and I talk to you too! Can you hear me, sweet princess? I love you so much! Mommy was so sad for you on Thanksgiving. It would have been your 2nd Thanksgiving and we would have taken you to visit Daddy's side of the family. You would have been the most beautiful girl in the room and the center of attention! Well, really you are the most beautiful girl in every room! I know you are the brightest sunshine, the freshest rain, the whitest snow and the coolest breeze. I imagined that you might have been frightened by so many new people, and you would have clung to Mommy so tight! I would have loved that, Kathlyn... my little baby girl hugs... how I miss them! And how I love you! You are still my baby, my toddler, my daughter, my everything. Kisses for Jesus and Granddaddy and Sissy for me, ok princess?

Love you forever,