Sunday, February 28, 2010

7 months

Hi Kathlyn,
Mommy loves you! I wonder if there is a reason up in heaven for Granddaddy or Jesus to tell you about time on Earth where Mommy and Daddy are... Remember, Mommy doesn't understand what it's like where you are.. you will have to tell me someday! So I will tell you something about how it is here, even if you already know. The month of February only has 28 days (sometimes 29!)... so maybe in February Mommy won't have to be sad on the 30th. Except that Mommy is sad every day without her little princess Kathlyn. So I still wanted you to get your special monthly letter, even though there's no 30th. So here I am, writing to you on the last day of the month like usual. 7 months old! Wow! You would be doing so much here with Mommy and Daddy, maybe even crawling! You would be too young for me to teach you about the 12 months in the year, or 7 days in the week.. but you are so special in heaven, you get to find out much earlier than other babies here on earth. I still miss you so much though. I wanted to teach you all that stuff myself. We would have had so much fun together. So please baby girl, send me something pink so I know you're having fun where you are.. either with Granddaddy or Jesus or all other babies of sad mommmies who I've met here. Are you a 7 month old, crawling and playing with pink rattles, riding on a swing, getting tickled, putting everything in your mouth? Or are you Mommy's sweet newborn baby forever? Maybe all you need is love and kisses and warm milk and blankets and fancy pink pacis and you are always happy and peaceful. Either way, you are still my baby! Sleep tight and wait for us, my precious love.

Love you forever,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My sweet Kathlyn,
I miss holding you against my chest. I miss holding you in my belly and feeling you move. I miss miss miss miss it so much. I want to freeze those moments in time.. just Mommy and Baby K. I love you so much, princess! You are still my baby.. sleep tight and wait for us, baby. Kisses to the sky as always.

Love you forever,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby's First Valentine's Day

Hi Sweetheart,
Mommy loves you! You are Mommy's little valentine.. I wish you were here so I could give you so many kisses. You're too little for the chocolate kind, although I bet your sweet little teeth that are growing would chomp on them happily! Yes you would baby, you would think chocolate was so sweet and yummy! You would have to settle just for Mommy kisses though. Gram bought you a pink teddy bear for Valentine's Day. She bought the same one for your cousins Will and Aaron in the brown color. I put your K Bib on the bear and I've been snuggling with it on the couch all week. I bought you a little pink puppy since pink puppies make us think of you. Then I found a Mommy pink puppy and a Daddy brown puppy with a pink heart and I just had to have the family of 3 puppies! Daddy fussed at Mommy and said we had too many puppies! But then he bought another one for Mommy anyway since he knows I love anything that reminds me of our little princess.. that's YOU! The most beautiful little pink princess. I wish I could set you up between all your pink puppies for a picture. You would be six months old and just sitting up by yourself~! If you fell, it would be ok because you would land on the pink puppies and they are soft like clouds in heaven! Are you six months old where you are, baby girl? Or are you a newborn baby forever and ever? Remember Katie, Mommy doesn't understand what it's like where you are. You will have to tell me sometime.

I also gave Gram a card from you today. I put the card on the pink bear's lap and when Gram saw it, she said "OH! Thank you Kathlyn!" I "signed" it from you and put scribbles on it like you would have. I wonder if you would have written those marks, or just tried to suck on the pen! Probably both, silly girl! Putting everything in your mouth! So I also ripped a piece off the tip of Gram's card where you would have chewed it. Mommy can't leave anything alone with Kathlyn or the doggies because they will all get chewed to pieces. Oh no, baby girl! Oh no! Oh no! I can just see you laughing when I say "oh no, oh no!" over and over again. Your cousin Reed used to laugh when Mommy said "Oh no!" So I would say it over and over again and he would just laugh and repeat it after me. It was so cute, and I wish I could enjoy those moments with you, my precious daughter.

I also made you your own valentine and so did your friend Josh. He spelled your name wrong! He is too little to spell, so he just put the letters wherever he wanted. I guess he is your little boyfriend. Uh oh! Daddy better watch out!

Oh Katie-cat... we would have had so much fun together.

Kiss Granddaddy for me and for Gram.. let his mustache tickle your cheeks and your sweet fingers... and give Jesus a hug every day because He loves you so much too. You are such a special girl, and you are still my baby.

Love you forever,

Tell Ciaran that his Mommy made this for you!