Saturday, April 30, 2011

21 months

Dear Kathlyn,
Mommy loves you! I miss you so much baby girl. 21 months without you sounds so long. Today we did something very special for you.. the March of Dimes walk! We did this last year too. This year your baby sister was with us. We had special pink puppy shirts for you.

Missing you always, my baby girl. You are still my baby.

Love you forever,


Friday, April 15, 2011

Just wanted to say I miss you. My heart aches when I think about you and all the other babies who died before their Mommies and Daddies got to know them. It's such a sad, sad world. I have to rest in knowing that it's beautiful and happy and safe where you are. Remember, Mommy doesn't understand what it's like there. Is it beautiful, baby girl?? I hope it is.. with lots of pink and roses and clouds and rainbows and candy and toys... all for my baby. I miss you so much. I wanna pick you up and throw you in the air and spin you around so you laugh. You'd be big enough for that now. I'd laugh with you. And Daddy too. He would just love playing with you like that. It would have been so wonderful.

I love you Kathlyn Joy. You are still my baby.

Love and miss you forever,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cherry Baby

Please give your Sissy a kiss for me today. It was 1 year ago that we found out she went to heaven to be with you and Jesus and Granddaddy. We love her, she is still our baby and she was wanted too. Take care of her for us. Mommy, Daddy, and Glory love you both so much. You're still Mommy's babies!

Miss you millions,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mommy's birthday

Hi Katie!
Oh how Mommy wishes you were here for my birthday. I wish you were here to wake me up with a big jump and a hug and kisses. Your smile would be so big and I bet you'd even be big enough to SAY happy birthday to me now! I wish you could have come shopping with us, and then were here to have pizza with us and our friends, and you'd be playing happily on the floor with the kids your age while Mommy and Daddy have our bible study. I miss you so much, baby girl. Also any time I'm laying with Glory and Daddy I want you to be there too. Then I see your little lambie on the bed with us and it makes me smile. Miss you more than ever and I wish you were with us for all the celebrating. Really I miss you for ALL things! I wish I wish I wish.. I just keep wishing. You are still my baby.

Love you forever,