Sunday, February 28, 2010

7 months

Hi Kathlyn,
Mommy loves you! I wonder if there is a reason up in heaven for Granddaddy or Jesus to tell you about time on Earth where Mommy and Daddy are... Remember, Mommy doesn't understand what it's like where you are.. you will have to tell me someday! So I will tell you something about how it is here, even if you already know. The month of February only has 28 days (sometimes 29!)... so maybe in February Mommy won't have to be sad on the 30th. Except that Mommy is sad every day without her little princess Kathlyn. So I still wanted you to get your special monthly letter, even though there's no 30th. So here I am, writing to you on the last day of the month like usual. 7 months old! Wow! You would be doing so much here with Mommy and Daddy, maybe even crawling! You would be too young for me to teach you about the 12 months in the year, or 7 days in the week.. but you are so special in heaven, you get to find out much earlier than other babies here on earth. I still miss you so much though. I wanted to teach you all that stuff myself. We would have had so much fun together. So please baby girl, send me something pink so I know you're having fun where you are.. either with Granddaddy or Jesus or all other babies of sad mommmies who I've met here. Are you a 7 month old, crawling and playing with pink rattles, riding on a swing, getting tickled, putting everything in your mouth? Or are you Mommy's sweet newborn baby forever? Maybe all you need is love and kisses and warm milk and blankets and fancy pink pacis and you are always happy and peaceful. Either way, you are still my baby! Sleep tight and wait for us, my precious love.

Love you forever,


  1. such a beautiful and warm gesture that you write to your beautiful daughter. how special she must be that God has chosen her to be right by His side from the beginning. God bless you and your family. XoXo.