Monday, October 5, 2009

Hi Katie!

Even though Daddy and I did so many nice things to honor you on our trip, I have missed writing to you! Again my sweet baby girl, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to write to you on the 30th. But that day we wrote your name in the sand! See?! Isn't it so pretty by the ocean? I bet it is so many millions of times prettier up where you are!

Here is a nice picture of Mommy and Daddy for you, too! What a beautiful view we had from our room! Daddy has the little pink puppy that we carry around to remember you, right in his pocket!! We sent the same bigger puppy with you to heaven, and also the puppy outfit to match. Do you have those with you baby girl? Remember, Mommy doesn't understand what it's like where you are. But those were our special presents for you to take with you as an angel.. the prettiest little angel ever! I hope you get a chance to play with that cute little puppy, and that Granddaddy gets to put you in the puppy outfit that we sent with you. The mini puppy reminds us so much of you! Mommy picked out that puppy outfit for you while you were in my belly, and Daddy picked out the puppy! They match so perfectly! And how sweet that Daddy has the puppy in his pocket, just like the tiniest little puppy that goes in your outfit pocket too! I wish so much that I got a chance to dress you in that sweet little outfit. I wish I wish I wish. That one was Mommy's favorite!

Mommy misses you! We had a very peaceful trip but we wished the whole time that you were with us. I bet you would love to swim and splash around in the water and look at the fishies with us. I miss my baby girl! No matter how beautiful the ocean or how cool the breeze or how much special alone time with Daddy, nothing compares to how much I love YOU! My special angel baby forever, I love Kathlyn! Kisses to the sky for you, kisses kisses kisses for my little darling. Can you send me some more pink things? I love seeing anything pink because it reminds me of you. I did see that pink dragonfly by that pond on the island, Katie! Did you send her for me?! I noticed all the other dragonflies were red but just that one flying around was pink. I have NEVER seen a pink dragonfly before! I know the angel Lauren sends her Mommy Donna a blue dragonfly at her graveside, it reminds her of Lauren's bright blue eyes. Miss Donna tells me that she thinks Lauren is teaching you how to be a special angel for Mommy. Maybe she is right! And that means you sent me that pretty pink dragonfly! I hope that was you Kathlyn, I hope I hope I hope. Because I love you and I would love if you were sending me things.. you are still my baby!

Love you forever,

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