Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby's First Halloween

Hi Katie!
Today is your official first holiday.. Halloween! If you were here with Mommy (oh how I wish I wish I wish you were my baby), I would have dressed you up like a little duckie! Duckie's say, quack quack! I can imagine you being a little older and learning your animal sounds. How cute you would have been, making little quacking sounds.. my sweet little beautiful duckling. This duckie outfit belonged to one of your little friends! Can you guess which one Kathlyn? Little Baby Lauren! Her mommy gave it to me, for you, at my baby shower. So cute! Mommy was sooo excited! I hope where you are, you can play dress up whenever you want with Granddaddy and all the little baby angels that you've met. You don't have to wait for Halloween... you can play whenever you want, yes you can! I bet you love to dress as the little princess that you really are. And the candy! I bet the candy where you are is just everywhere and so yummy for my little baby. Granddaddy sure loves orange slices, doesnt he baby girl! Those were his favorite! He never liked chocolate.. that was all for Mommy and Gram. I wonder which one you would have liked. Daddy doesnt really like chocolate either. He will eat it (Granddaddy would never touch it!) but Daddy's real favorite is starburst and gummy bears and skittles. Silly Daddy! He loves the sweet stuff! And you too! He loves his sweet little baby girl. We miss you so much, little angel. We love you! Remember for always and always and always Katie, you are still my baby. Peek-a-BOO! Happy First Halloween, my little duck.

Love you forever,

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