Monday, October 26, 2009

Hi baby!
I miss you! Sending lots of kisses and tickles to the sky for you! Thank you for sending me that purple paci last week Kathlyn.. you clever little stinker! Mommy asked you for pink and you showed Mommy that you know how to send purple too! Mommy forgot that purple was for baby girls too.. AND Mommy forgot that YOU are the boss! My baby Katie is in charge.. silly baby! Mommy loves you! You go ahead and send me whatever you wanna send me, that's right baby girl, whatever you want, and Mommy will love it. Because I love YOU! Kisses for you! You are just the sweetest little baby Mommy has ever seen! Were you there with me at work last week too Kathlyn? Did you help me when I made that little baby stop crying? I felt like you were there, yes I did my baby, yes I did, so thank you for coming to see me. Another big kiss for you, kiss kiss kiss on those pretty little baby cheeks. I wish it was you with me instead of that other baby, having a bottle and just being a sweet little baby, doing simple sweet little baby things. But instead you are Mommy's special angel baby. I'm sorry that you have to see me crying so much for you baby.. I'm just not used to you being an angel instead of being here with me and being a regular baby. I love you anyway though! Mommy loves you SO MUCH! I hope God tells you all about that, I ask Him to alllll the time Kathlyn. I ask Him to tell Kathlyn that I love her.. that's YOU! Mommy's pretty little baby Kathlyn. I just can't stop thinking about kissing you! You're so pretty, Mommy can't resist! Kiss kiss kiss! I hope you can feel my kisses! They are so full of the love I have for you.

Were you there today too Kathlyn, when I was making Kylie laugh? I bet it was YOU making her laugh so Mommy could have a little smile hearing that sweet baby laugh.. what a wonderful sound. I wonder if you would be laughing yet if you were here. I bet you laugh all the time where you are... you laugh at Granddaddy, he's so funny! Yes he is, Granddaddy's so funny and silly and he loves you so much too. And I bet you laugh with Jesus because He is just the most wonderful person that ever lived and He loves you too.. how special you are, that you got to meet Him already. Mommy is so selfish though, Mommy wishes you were here! Because I just love you so much! Are you here with me, kissing me back, baby girl? Are you laughing with Kylie for me, so I can hear you? Maybe you are crying when she's crying so I can hear that too. I wanted to hear you cry.. I bet you had the sweetest little baby cry.. you were just so sweet all around! Mommy loves you! Remember baby girl, Mommy doesn't understand what it's like where you are. You know more than Mommy already even though you are just a baby! Are you still a newborn, or are you 12 weeks old now? What a big girl you are becoming, if that's true! Mommy's beautiful, special little baby always. I hope you are feeling so wonderful and safe where you are. But I hope you are coming to see me whenever you can. And I hope that you can feel all the kisses and hugs and love I have for you, yes I do, yes I do, all the love I have for you, because you are still my baby! And I miss you and hurt for you more than I hope you understand, because it is only happiness where you are and no hurting. I love you, Katie! One more special kiss.. a real big one this time! Wait for me Kathlyn, I can't wait to kiss you in person again!

Love you forever and ever,

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