Friday, September 25, 2009

Hi baby girl!

Mommy loves you! Thanks for sending me some pink things today Kathlyn! Mommy loved that stuff! I saw the pink carseat, the pink balloon, and the cute little girl with hair and eyes like you waving and smiling at me. That was wonderful! You are such a sweet girl to peek in and say hello to Mommy, just when I needed you! Kisses for my sweet baby girl, you are so thoughtful and generous and kind and beautiful. I wish you could be all those things here with Mommy! I would have taught you to be those things, my sweetie, yes I would have! I know Jesus and God and the angels and Granddaddy are teaching you just right for me. Mommy misses you, and Daddy too... but we are glad you are in good company! Kisses for you! Kisses and tickles, I love love love imagining kissing and tickling you (gently for now, since you are just a little bitty one) because I know it would make you smile and kick your sweet little happy legs for me. I just love little baby-kicky-legs. You are just the cutest little baby when you do that! I miss doing those thing with you, so so much. I love you!

Daddy and I are going on a little trip for a week. We are just too sad without our little Joy.. so we need to go somewhere special together, somewhere we have never been before and will never go again. We will be thinking of you the whole time! We are bringing one of the little pink puppies with us to remind us of you. Not that we need reminding! We will be writing your name everywhere we go. You come with us everywhere, that's right! Our precious little angel baby, never far away from Mommy and Daddy.

So Mommy is sad because I won't get to write you a special letter on your 2 month birthday on September 30th. But Mommy will be thinking of you every second that day, and every day. Listen for me, I will keep talking to you all the time like I always do. The kisses, the tears, the smiles, whenever I tell Daddy I love him, it's for you too Katie! You were made just because Mommy and Daddy love each other so much. What a special little girl you are! Mommy loves you! You are still my baby!

Forever and ever,

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