Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hi Babygirl,
I saw your friend baby Kylie today.. she came to our house! She is Mommy's little shadow baby of you Katie.. she stayed in her carseat sleeping almost the whole time she was here, so Mommy could talk to her Mommy and Daddy. Little Kylie made some sweet little baby noises while she was sleeping, Mommy thought it was so cute and I was thinking of you the whole time.. I know you would make so many cute little baby noises for me too! Kylie is a special little baby and you have to watch over her too! Such a big job for you, my little angel, but I know you will do it for Mommy. Kylie went home with two sweet little outfits from your closet, and Mommy said "you have to put them on her very soon! And take a picture!" Mommy wants to see Kylie in these outfits because it reminds me of YOU! My precious baby girl! Kisses for you, kisses to the sky, kisses on your lips and on your sweet little belly and on your stinky feet! Kisses forever my angel, because I love you, and because you are still my baby! Missing you always.. and tell Granddaddy I said hello and give him one of the kisses. Here's three extras, kiss kiss kiss.

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