Monday, September 7, 2009

Hi baby girl!
I miss you! I have two very special things to show you my love. I hope you like them! Yes I do baby, I hope they warm your little angel heart. Kisses and tickles first.. kiss kiss kiss! I love you!

Daddy and I went for a ride the other day! We were thinking of you, and so we wrote your name at a very special park. This park has a fun playground and was built in memory of a special friend of Daddy's who is an angel now too. It was nighttime, so it was too dark to get a good picture. But here it is! Our sweet Kathlyn's name, that's you baby! We love you!

The other thing I have to show you is your friend Lauren! She is a sweet little girl who just turned one year old. She has two big sisters, and her Mommy and me were saying when you were in my belly that you would be a little sister for Lauren. Instead, you have a very special job.. you can look out for Lauren and her two sisters as a special guardian angel.. does that sound good, Katie, can you do that for Mommy? Remember.. Mommy doesn't understand how it is where you are. You will have to teach Mommy one day! You are Mommy's special angel, that's right my Kathlyn.. Mommy's very own little lovie! More kisses for you! My little angel! Kisses forever! So this is your very special friend Lauren. It makes Mommy sad to see Lauren and her big sisters Meghan and Nicki, but they also make Mommy smile. Lauren is wearing something so very special too. Do you know what it is, sweetie? It's one of YOUR OUTFITS!! That's right!! Isn't it so so cute?! Mommy was looking forward to putting this on you. But now that you aren't here, Mommy thinks it would be nice for all your little friends to wear something to remember you by. And Baby Lauren is the first!! When she is older, her Mommy and also me (YOUR Mommy forever!!) will tell her all about you and show her this outfit so they can know they have a special guardian looking out for them. You are Mommy's special girl in so many ways, Kathlyn Joy! Know what else baby girl? Mommy also gave Meghan and Nicki something of yours. They are too big for your clothes, Mommy didn't have any clothes big enough for them, but I gave them two of your little pink blankets because they love to play with dolls. So they will use your blankets to wrap up their dolls and give them hugs and kisses while they practice being little mommies. They know how special you are. Meghan gave Mommy a special picture that she drew and it says "We miss your baby." See how special you are baby?! So many people miss you! That picture is on the fridge at our house and it makes Mommy think of you.. even though I'm always thinking of you anyway! Always always always, because I love you so much! You are still my baby, Katie! Blowing kisses to the sky, and imagining kissing you always! MUAH!


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