Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi Katie Baby!
I just wanted to say hello and give you some goodnight kisses, my pretty girl! I love you! Take some special time today to say hello to Mrs. Carol. She is almost like a distant Grandma to you, she is the Mommy of my very best childhood friend and on this day she has been an angel for 15 years! She is very missed here on earth like you, baby. Give her a hug and hello and a beautiful smile to brighten her day even more! You are so beautiful that I believe you make heaven even more beautiful for the other angels, yes I do baby girl, so so beautiful my angel! Big hugs and kisses and tickles for you. I love you and I hope soon you will do something to make me and Daddy smile.. we need it because we are so sad without you, our precious girl. We love you! We miss you! Lots more goodnight kisses for you angel. And a big, big hug, Mommy needs a big hug. HUG.. HUG.. HUG across the skies and above the clouds and beyond the stars for my baby, yes yes yes, lots of hugs for you, you are still my baby katie!
Love love looooove with another big hug,

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