Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hi again sweet girl,
It hasn't been very long since I last wrote to you, but I am thinking about you so much today. This would have been Mommy's special time with you if you were here, so it's hard to think of anything else honey. Did you read my first letter to Granddaddy? Or maybe he has to read them to you, since you are just a baby. You have to remember, Mommy doesn't understand what it's like where you are. Is it so beautiful Katie? Granddaddy liked this one song called "Uncloudy Day" and Mommy thinks it's all about heaven. Is it always uncloudy in heaven? Always sunshiney? I bet it's sunshiney now that YOU'RE there, baby! Yes I bet it is, you are just a beautiful sunshiney angel! Mommy's little angel, that's right. Kisses and tickles for Kathlyn, the beautiful angel. I like to picture your beautiful smile and your little legs kicking like babies do when they're so happy. I try to picture myself talking to you and cooing at you, even though I am so sad without you.. can you help Mommy remember to try to stay happy for you? Can you please baby? I will try just for you. Mommy's beautiful, smiling, happy girl always, that's you my baby! Mommy loves you! So much! And Daddy too! There are so many people who love you and have prayed for you. People who don't even know you and don't even know Mommy and Daddy! Many people have heard our story and prayed for you, Katie, because you are so special, yes you are! So special! More kisses and tickles for you! I just want to scoop you right up and give you hugs and snuggles against my chest. That is where you belong, my sweetest angel. Right here with Mommy, always and forever and longer than that too! Now that you've learned all about heaven and are an angel, I still want to remind you how much I love you and if you were here you would feel that love coming from me. I would have kept you safe and been with you when you were crying. Now you are in heaven and is it true that there is no crying in heaven? Oh my sweet baby, I hope you aren't crying for Mommy. Mommy cries for you, but you don't have to cry for Mommy. You are an angel now, you are safe, my sweet baby girl. I love you! Yes I do, I love Baby Katie! Always always always! Kisses for my baby, kisses everywhere. Give Granddaddy kisses for me too. I miss him too and love him and I wish you both were here. He gives good hugs, I remember, so give him great big hugs all the time, that will feel good for you baby! And I will give good, big hugs to Daddy and Gram and I will think of you every time. Daddy and Gram have blue eyes like you Kathlyn. They are so pretty. I think of you when I see Daddy's eyes. Well I think of you all the time! But especially when I see Daddy's eyes. You can see Granddaddy has big brown eyes, those are Gram's favorite. She thinks of Granddaddy when she sees my brown eyes. But you got Daddy's blue eyes.. you are a little piece of him, yes you are! And a little piece of me too! What am I saying?? Silly Mommy.. Kathlyn is a BIG piece of Mommy and Daddy.. a big big big piece of us forever, yes you are. Mommy loves Baby Kathlyn! Yes I do, I love you forever and ever and ever, you are still my baby!
Love so so much,

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  1. "I reach towards the sky.
    I've said my goodbyes.
    My heart's always with you now."

    "The stars in the night,
    They lend me their light
    To bring me closer to heaven with you."