Thursday, December 30, 2010

17 months

My dear Kathlyn,
I miss you so much.. I'm sorry I didn't write to you on Christmas; I mostly just slept all day to get over missing you for your 2nd Christmas. I cried and cried for you at church on Christmas Eve.. were you there baby girl? Were you with Mommy? I hope you were, but I wish I wish I wish you were on my lap in your sweet Christmas dress and shoes. I still can't believe it baby girl, everything we are missing out doing together. Today is Mommy and Daddy's wedding anniversary.. we will go have a nice dinner just the two of us, but I will still wish you were there. I would much rather have messy pizza with our baby than eat a fancy dinner alone. How could I have survived this long without you baby girl? It's the hardest thing Mommy has ever done. I miss you so much... you are still my baby. Send me something pink today, so I know you're ok. Kisses to the sky for you my angel.

Love you forever,

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  1. I hope that Kathlyn sent you something pink. I'm sorry that Christmas Eve was so hard. I had also planned on bringing Jacob to church on Christmas Eve and couldn't stand going there without him, so we didn't go.