Saturday, October 30, 2010

15 months

I love you! I miss you so much. Today you would be 15 months old. Is that how old you are, or are you Mommy's newborn baby forever? I would like to think that you're growing up and that Granddaddy and Jesus are teaching you so many things. My baby girl, how I wish it was Daddy and me who got to teach you. But I know you are safe where you are. I just miss you so much. Tomorrow would have been your 2nd Halloween and much more fun than last year. Last year you would have been too little to go out in the cold. I would have still dressed you up though and taken a million pictures! Because you're the cutest baby in the history of the world! This year you would be able to walk to a few houses and get some lollipops that I would let you eat. But Mommy would still worry and watch you so carefully! I would have dressed you as a puppy or a fairy or a ladybug or a bee or maybe even an angel..

I love you so much Princess... you are still my baby!

Love you forever,

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