Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Granddaddy's Birthday

Hi Kathlyn,
Today is a very special day... make sure you give Granddaddy so many kisses today for his birthday! I know he is so happy to have you there to help him celebrate. I know he holds on to you as tightly as he can! Yes he does baby girl! Mommy wishes she was there to be right in the middle of a hug so full of perfect love.

Show him this, Kathlyn. Did he send this to me? I saw it the other day. May is Granddaddy's month.. so of course I would see this in May!

Show him this too. I found it today, and it's perfect because it has a Granddad, Gram, and 7 little grandbunnies.. 5 boys and 2 girls, just like our family! Reed, Christian, Sawyer, Will, Aaron, Sydney, and YOU! And I think that pretty red balloon in the corner is for Cherry.

Or maybe you don't have to show him. Maybe he shows everything to you, because you're just a baby, and you can't read yet. I bet that is your special time with Granddaddy, when he reads you Mommy's letters. Remember my love, Mommy doesn't understand what it's like where you are. Are you almost 10 months old now, baby? Or are you still a newborn? Do you know how to crawl yet? Or walk? Have you known how since you got to heaven? What about Granddad, is he 54 like when he died? Or is he 61 now? Or is he a different age? I wish I understood, Kathlyn. I wish I was there with you, and Granddad, and little Cherry too.

I've been watching Kylie grow the way that you would be. Yesterday she was wearing one of your outfits again. So cute! I wish you were here to wear these things. But I am glad to see what you might look like in them through your sweet friend Kylie. She's crawling now! It makes me wonder if you'd be crawling behind her. Two little best friends. How cute you would be together. Mommy gets so sad for what might have been. But Mommy needs the reminders that you have everything you need and more where you are. Mommy is the one missing out. And Daddy. And Kylie. And everyone else who would have known you. We are missing out, not my sweet Kathlyn, who is safe, warm, and so very loved where she is. That's right! You have the love of Jesus right next to you, who loves you more than anyone could. Even Mommy! That is hard to believe, because I love you SO SO SO MUCH baby girl! But I have to believe it's true so I can survive without you. My sweet little angel forever, you are still my baby.

Love you always,

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