Monday, April 5, 2010

Mommy's Birthday

Hi baby!

It is just the end of Mommy's birthday.. and I am soooo tired my Kathlyn. Daddy and I had a nice, busy day today, and since I'm carrying your little brother or sister now (do you know which it is?! Send me a sign my baby!) I get even more tired. I also spent all day today singing to you special songs while I was on the bike.. Did you hear them babygirl? And as always, I spent every minute missing you and using all my birthday wishes on wishing and wishing and wishing you were here... Mommy is so tired Kathlyn, so so tired. Did you see all your Easter presents? I will show you here tomorrow in case you can't see them where you are, and so all your friends' mommies can see too. I hope you can see and feel just absolutely everything I do for you already anyway babygirl. You are so special, and still my baby.

Love you forever,

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  1. Beth, that was a beautiful letter to Kathlyn. I know in my heart that she hears every word and thought we have for them. I wish I had the right words to say just how sorry I am for the loss of your Rainbow. Just know that I am here, praying and waiting if you need to talk. (((BIG HUGS)))