Monday, November 30, 2009

4 months

Hi Princess!
I love you! Today you would be 4 months old.. what a big girl, you are growing so fast! Are you a newborn baby still, or are you 4 months old now? Mommy has so many questions! Remember, I don't understand what it's like where you are.. you will teach me all about it someday. What a big job for a little baby, teaching her mommy everything she knows! I wish I could take care of you, but you will take care of me instead. Mommy is so sad.. but I will be ok with it sometime baby girl, try not to worry. Mommy hopes you don't ever have to worry where you are. Or ever have to cry either. How many people get to go through life on earth and never ever cry?? That was you, my precious angel. I wish you were here with me.. and when you would cry, I would take care of you and get you through it and try to make it better. But now I can only hope you never have to feel sad or scared like I do.. I will cry enough for the both of us, my darling little heart.
I haven't written to you in a few weeks, I'm sorry baby. You know I think of you every day anyway.. every minute even! I knew I would write to you today, as I will always write on the 30th of each month, your special day. Except for February! February only has 28 or 29 days.. so I will have to write to you on the first of March instead!
You must have known that I would write to you today.. and you decided to write to me first! When I looked at my receipt from my breakfast at work this morning, I saw your name at the top! It said Katie! Usually I throw my receipt away right away at the trash by the register.. how did you know baby, how did you know I wouldn't throw it away today?? And that I would see your name! I was so happy to see your name, especially on your special 4 month birthday. You are amazing, Kathlyn. You do so many special things for me. You knew I would love to see that today. I felt like you were saying "Hi Mommy!" I love you too, princess. You are still my baby! Miss you all the way to the sky a million times.

Love you forever,


  1. What a wonderful sign! Happy 4 months, Katie!

  2. Happy 4 months little baby girl! Keep shining down on your Mummy and Daddy