Saturday, July 30, 2011

2 years

Sweet sweet birthday to you Kathlyn!! MOMMY LOVES YOU!!!

I miss you so much baby. Today you would have turned 2 years old. Are you two years old now in heaven, or are you Mommy's newborn baby forever? I look at your sweet newborn photos every day. You are so beautiful! I wonder if that's what you'll still look like when I get to see you again, or if you are growing into a beautiful toddler, little girl, teenager, and woman. Oh how I wish I wish I wish you were doing that growing here on earth with me and Daddy and baby sister. Yes there are hard times here on earth, but we'd get through them together and the wonderful times, like birthdays and celebrations, would make it worth it. I miss you so much baby. So so so so sososooooooooososososososososososoooooooooossssssssssooooo much!!!

We decided to do CUPCAKES as the theme to your birthday! Did you see all those cupcakes? Sister wore all cupcakes and ice cream all week for you (and we have more for her to wear still!) We broke a cupcake pinata and had ice cream bubbles and cupcakes plates and napkins! It was all pink and girlie... just like my baby girl would have loved. I wonder if you were here, what kind of party you would have wanted. Mommy would have let you pick whatever you wanted. I also saw a size 2T cupcake pink dress and a matching one for Glory. I wanted to buy it so badly for you, for your sweet birthday dress. I would give anything to have you here my love. It's just not right that you are gone.

We sent you some pink, purple and white balloons! I hope you caught them! And we also sent one more pink one up right at 6:28 when you were born.

Love you forever my sweet. You are still my baby. Kisses to the sky every day for you. Sleep tight and wait for us.

Miss you so much,


  1. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)

  2. Hi Beth, fellow NC blm blogger here. Your sweet girl is beautiful.
    Much Love,