Monday, May 23, 2011

so much in May

Hi Baby girl!

So much has happened this month that has made me miss you. Well, I miss you every minute! But it just feels like extra things have happened that make Mommy and Daddy long for you even more. On Mother's Day, Baby Glory wore one of your dresses.. she looked so sweet. Mommy wishes you could have worn it first. I know you would have looked beautiful too! She also wore her "little sister" bib to honor you. You are always part of our family and Mommy slips you in, in great ways and in small! I hope you have pretty dresses where you are, too. I know you must... but just remember, Mommy doesn't understand what it's like where you are.

The day before Mother's Day, Mommy and Daddy and Glory went to the Strawberry Festival! It was such a beautiful, warm and breezy day. We were sitting amongst all these cute little families and everyone that passed us by said how cute Glory is. Mommy and Daddy wanted to tell all of those people about our first baby, too. We wished you were there dancing around to the music like the other toddlers. You would have been our little busy girl! Wanting to walk and be free and mobile like toddlers do. Mommy got a special necklace that day with a "K" and a "G"... to honor both my sweet precious baby girls.

Mommy was also missing Granddaddy this month. The day he died passed us by, May 15, and coming up is May 26, his birthday. Please give him extra special kisses this month, for me and for Gram! She misses him so much. We all miss you and him every minute, but May is especially Granddaddy's month.

There was a very silly man here on earth who said that on last Saturday, everyone who believes in Jesus was going to go home to heaven. This isn't what the bible says. The bible says no one knows when it will happen. So Mommy and Daddy didn't believe what this silly man was saying. But of course anyway Mommy was thinking that if that happened, I would get to see my baby girl! I was smiling thinking how Mommy, Daddy, Glory and Kathlyn would all be together and we would be in one big forever hug in heaven with Jesus and everyone who loves Him! Mommy prays for you every day, sweet girl. I am so glad you are safe where you are, but I still wish you were here. Someday we will all be together again where you are. Until then, I will miss you every minute. You are still my baby. My first little daughter. Kisses to the sky for you my angel. Sleep tight and wait for me.

Love you forever,

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