Wednesday, June 30, 2010

11 months

Hi Kitty Cat!
I have been missing you for 11 months. Mommy is so extra sad because after this, it will be more than a year. How could I possibly have been without you for a whole year? I don't even want to spend a minute without you, but a whole entire year! I love you so much Katie. Can you come back for your birthday? Is that allowed? Mommy knows it's not. But I wish I wish I wish. Send me lots of pink this month so I have lots of things to show to all your memorial birthday guests.
It's so hot here where Mommy and Daddy are. I wish I could take you to the pool and pick out a sweet little bathing suit for you. I wish I could put hairbows and sundresses on you.. you would be the cutest little girl there ever was in the history of the universe! That's right, YOU! What a lucky Mommy I am to have such a beautiful girl, but so unlucky that I didn't get to raise you. I know you are safe where you are, though. Do you get to dress up with hairbows and dresses where you are? Remember, Mommy has lots of questions, baby girl. There is no question about how much I love you though, forever and ever. Kisses to the sky princess, just for you, and a few extras for Sissy. You are still my baby.

Love you forever,


  1. oh, beth! i'm thinking of you and katie today...i'm so sorry that it has been one year without your first baby girl and that cherry baby is also gone, but i'm so glad that you have a good feeling about your birdie. *HUGS*

  2. oops! i meant to write 11 months not one year, sorry. i was thinking about xavier because this month was one year for me!

  3. Thinking of Katie and Cherry Baby with you, Beth & praying for peace for you. I know you miss Katie and Cherry SO much. You must have so many different things running around in your head with Katie's birthday approaching. xxxooo